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July 19, 2010


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I don’t really have a main focus today. Just random things.

First that my friend also thinks Zuko’s hot. πŸ˜€ Which makes me happy because at least I’m not the only one. ❀ Zuko~ And about Avatar, I’ve been reading fanfic. Gah I’m so addicted. It’s like my guilty pleasure. Cuz I hate to say it, but fanfic is kinda nerdy, as good as it is.

And speaking of that friend, I’ve been influenced by her to say frack and shiatsu. I don’t even know when it began. One day I woke up and those words came to me, for better or for worse. v.v

You know, I really hope no one finds this. Cuz it’s not like the name isn’t too obvious if you knew it were mine. And I b*tch about people on here a lot. And I do feel bad about it. Because those people are supposed to be my friends. So I guess I’m a coward for saying it behind their backs? But it’s not like I’m gonna go up to them and talk shiatsu right in their faces.

Speaking of b*tching, this one club I joined is starting to get really annoying. I’ve never been in a club that’s forced you to go to their meetings…like really? I don’t even need hours from them. I’m thinking of just ditching all their meetings until they begin to not expect me. >.> Seriously I’d have just disappeared completely a long time ago if my friends weren’t in that club. Heck I wouldn’t even have joined if my friends weren’t in that club.

Anyways, my Friday plans were just destroyed. D: Apparently the karaoke place opens really late -___- so I can’t go. I really wanted to karaoke. Maybe some other time. Until then I have my wii karaoke game to keep me company.

And on an emo-er note, I haven’t seen some of my close friends for some time now. Well fine it was like a couple of weeks ago. But I’m amazed we’re still friends. After two years of not going to the same school, cuz school is one of the strongest bonding points of most friendships. But will this last until college? And what if we don’t go to the same college? How do you meet up and keep in touch with people who might be across the country from you? Then what happens to friends you’ve had since elementary school? So I guess I can only hope those years of friendship can last another 4 years of college and maybe another 4 of med school. Cuz I would like to see them after I graduate. I want us to be like the friends in movies that constantly meet up and have lunch together and talk about life and everything. As cheesy as that sounds, it’d be nice if that really did happen.


July 18, 2010

Avatar: the Last Effing Airbender

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I’ve been on an Avatar marathon today~ cept kinda out of order. I. Freaking. Love. Avatar. So. Freaking. Much.
I could die happy watching it.
My absolutely favorite TV show. Ever. And that’s saying something, because I usually don’t have favorites.
Seriously you shoulda seen me. I was squealing over every single second of the show. Eeheeheeheehee
Yeah I’m like high off happiness
I’m now madly in love with like every character. That’s right, even the girls. And the animals. And as bisexual/multisexual as that sounds, it’s true. Because they’re all absolutely amazing characters.
…………uh…jk…I just reread that and it sounds really….odd. I’m not really madly in love with all of them…I just think it’s a really good show with really good characters.
I’ll admit I have an insane cartoon crush on Zuko >.> I think I went through this a couple of years ago. And now it’s happening again. But he’s so dreamy~ ………………..jk I like this hair though.
But after reading through that and understanding my deep love for Avatar, you should understand why I now hate M (K)night Sha- however you say his name. HE DID THE SHOW NO JUSTICE!!!!!!! D:< ARGH!! My favorite show. Ripped apart, episode by episode. Each character brutally murdered. The life sucked out of them. v_____v
Jk it wasn't sick and twisted sadistic serial killer level, but it was still pretty bad. Or I guess it could've been a LOT, an effing lot, better.
And so to conclude, I love Avatar and I now want all three seasons so I can seclude myself in a room and watch them nonstop πŸ˜€

July 14, 2010

Thank god for best friends

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Seriously. While I was on my more-than-one-hour walk to Elite, I was thinking about the bday party I was invited to. The bday boy had already asked me twice whether I’d asked my parents yet. And if you knew my parents, you’d know that I hadn’t. Because it takes courage to ask my parents to let me have a social life.

But I didn’t want to explain what my parents are like to him. So I just didn’t even respond. >.>

But to my friends, I don’t need to explain myself. Because they understand what my parents are like (mostly because I complain my — off about them all the time). But that makes life so much easier for me. They’re used to my late replies to our gatherings. Maybe they don’t like it, but they’re still fine with it.

It’s nice to have people who understand you, so you don’t have to explain every little bit of yourself to them.

Thanks guys πŸ™‚

P.S. I went with the popcorn, peanuts, and chocolate mix. I hope people like it -crosses fingers-

July 12, 2010

I’m terrified

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Jk, that’s the just the song I’m listening to right now. Terrified- Katharine McPhee; give it a listen~

Anyways, long time no see. Like seriously. I think it’s been a month since my last post. So let me update you on my life, because you really care.

So summer’s been a butt. I have health in the morning and Elite in the afternoon, so I’m out studying from 10-6. Fun. Cuz there’s no better way to spend a day than learning about puberty in the morning and SAT words in the afternoon. And the cherry on top of my day is the usually more than one hour walk from my school to the Elite place. One hour in the sweltering (which was a SAT word in our list) hot sun. Which reminds me, we had a guest speaker about skin cancer in health…..I think I’m gonna die of melanoma, or something along those lines. But at least I get exercise πŸ˜€ and pretty good food.

Elite is a draconian institute. I got a detention because I didn’t bubble in my ID number. Cruel, right? Very cruel. I had to stay one hour afterwards. At least I had In-n-Out fries to keep me company. I could hear the guy next to me’s stomach rumbling while I munched away. I also heard the occasional muttering of “I hate you.” I sat there, ate, and laughed to myself.


Jk. I’m not that mean. I offered him some fries, but he declined.

Speaking of Elite related things, they give a lot of homework. D: I stay up until like 1 doing homework.

But that’s only because I really only start at like 11:30 since I waste all my time before that.

Which leads me to irresponsibility, of which I have a lot. A freaking lot. I haven’t even touched my summer reading or bio homework. DDDDDDD: Three novels, five bio chapters, five outlines, and a whole crapload of questions. Oh my effing god, save me.

…………………I think I suffer from chronic guilt disorder since I procrastinate so much. All that pent up guilt can only be released by doing my work, which I really don’t wanna do. So I distract myself by typing this post. >___>

Adding to my frustrations would be my lack of a decent social life. Having explored the many possible causes of this, I have come to one conclusion: my parents. But you probably expected that. Heck, you were probably wondering when this rant would appear. But yeah, my parents.

My mom: You can only go hang out with your friends once a month. —-That’s right folks, once a month. And that includes: birthday parties, luncheons, casual hang outs, play dates, and any other form of a meeting. And that’s why I meet with my friends when my mom doesn’t know it. And parents wonder why their kids disobey them.

My dad: You can hang out with only certain people that I like. Oh and by the way, I’m not driving you there. —-And since I can’t drive, how’m I supposed to get there? Walk like 10 miles (or however much) to the Spectrum?? It’ll be nightfall by the time I get there. -___- And certain people that he approves of. How biased.

And this especially sucks because I want to ask them to let me go to a birthday party soon. And it’s a bonfire, which means there’s a possibility that thugs, rapists, and terrorists might be lurking at the beach near the party. Because they really have nothing better to do than to attack a group of kids at like 7-ish at night. When the sun’s still up. With people around. And a guy that’s a black belt. Yeah

Eh well I have to go back to researching now. Guess what I’m researching? πŸ˜€ Healthy snacks for health class. I’m stuck between:

1) crackers with peanut butter and banana slices on top

2) crackers with pb&j

3) crackers with jam and grapes

4) pb&j sandwich

5) a mix of popcorn, chocolate chips, and peanuts

Which one sounds best?

June 9, 2010

Aww yeah~

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Yesterday we (my friends and I) made a scrapbook for our friend, Zane, who is 16 now (and whose birthday I can’t go to, but that complaint was on another post). It was so fun- choosing and printing out pics, and scrapbooking and stuff. πŸ˜€ It’s really fun to write comments for every picture, cuz that’s what makes it heartfelt. ❀ Anyway I told my friends to take pictures of her reaction (since I can’t be there D:).

But that reminds me; I still need to go buy her a gift. I already know what I wanna get…but I need to go buy it. But what if Target’s out of stock <:O………that would be bad….I guess I should check….-_________- (btw it’s a DS game…not surprising)

The good news of the day is that I got onto the board of the Make-A-Wish Club at my school~ Yay! (I’m an activities coordinator) ButeventhoughIdon’treallydomuchit’sastarttoabettercollegetranscript….>.>…..:D

And the bad news is I got a 79 on my math test…after receiving a math excellence award….which is not only ironic, but also THE GUILT IS KILLING ME. I’M LETTING MY TEACHER DOWN -SOBS-

Excuse me a moment while I regain my composure…..

Ok I’m better. Anyway that sobbing reminds of Saving Private Ryan, which we’re watching in history class. Sobbing is what I was doing during that movie. I think the beginning where all those soldiers die is so sad, especially the mom who lost three sons. (Yeah I’m a softie…..>.>..I tear up easily, especially during movies…but don’t tell anyone cuz I try to give an image of machoness…..jk…you didn’t actually believe that, did you?)

Anyway, I would spoil the whole movie for myself by wiki-ing it (I kinda already have since I know they don’t find him) but I think this time I won’t. πŸ˜€ I’m so proud.



Which is really good (I think) and should be watched. Although certain people I know will disagree because they think they’re voices are autotuned (even though that’s true). But I don’t think all their voices are autotuned, and I think the plot’s kinda interesting.

I realized I’ve gone through weekly phases.

From chick-flicks…

to X-men…

to Peter Pan…

to Avatar: the Last Airbender…

to Glee…

Who knows what next week has in store for me? (especially since I have to wait until SEPTEMBER for the next Glee season)

Defying Gravity is a really good song…just saying..and so is Total Eclipse of the Heart…especially when they’re sung by Glee members…


June 6, 2010

Liek mah nu theem?

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cuz i think its reallyy kewl. dis iz a wierd way 2 talk

……Chatspeak… anyway, I like my new theme~ it’s a lot brighter and happier πŸ˜€ and bananas are yummy~

I’m here typing this blog to avoid doing Spanish homework. We have to write definitions of words in Spanish D: Like it’s not hard enough trying to think of a definition of a word in English..



This section has been removed due to its offensive nature.

Jk. It wasn’t too terribly offensive…kinda… well it was my rant, but now I feel kinda bad so I’ve removed it.


Sorry, I had to rant. -______-

I was reading my friend’s blog and she was ranting too, but she mentioned like what if this person finds this blog. Like my blog name isn’t overly obvious to who I am, but still. What if she sees this and finds out and like…actually I don’t think I would really care too much. But it’s not really good to be hated by anyone openly. I guess that makes me a wimpy biatch, since I rant behind people’s backs and not to their face…. but whatever, that’s who I am I guess and I’m pretty okay with that.

πŸ™‚ I feel better

June 5, 2010

4 day weekend, baby!

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Due to furlough days, I get a four day weekend πŸ˜€ I know I shouldn’t be happy since the two extra days come at the expense of my teachers….but I am >.>

So yesterday I spent the day watching Glee πŸ˜€ which is really good. I hope I can finish the season by the end of this mini-break.

But the best part is, on Monday and Tuesday, my parents won’t be home! Yay! Which means I’m inviting people over! Yay again! Now you may think that I say this meaning I’m gonna hold a wildly alcoholic school party or something. Heck yeah!!

Jk, no. My parents are just insanely strict and judgemental, so I hate inviting people over when they’re home. So this coming Tuesday I’m inviting my friends over to make a scrapbook for someone else’s birthday. πŸ˜€

And then next Monday I get to invite more people over and we’re gonna have a movie day~ (and hopefully all this will pass without my mom ever finding out >.>)

What a bad kid I am D:

Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. And I am not living my high school life as an anti-social hermit who never has playdates, or fun for that matter. ):<

Well, later~

June 2, 2010

My day

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I’m prolly gonna start writing more, since in the morning I have nothing to do while waiting and I can’t turn on my computer.

You know, I noticed I write “prolly” all the time, in place of probably, if you didn’t already figure it out. And it sounds like Polly, which I kinda find weird.

Recently my brother’s been listening to and singing this weird semi- wannabe rock song. I’m proud of him for finally getting a music taste, even if it’s pretty bad.

Well since I’m typing from my iPod, I’ll do like a walkthrough of my day.

6:57 I’m on my way to school. This early in the morning D: I should be sleeping. I bet you’re asleep. I carpool to school with a friend, so I can proudly say: I’m eco-friendly πŸ˜€

9:14 My school has office hours, which is basically a homework lab. First period today was so boring. People just presented powerpoints for an hour and thirty minutes -_____- I almost fell asleep. And the guy behind me is kinda annoying. He knocked a paper out of my hand as a “joke” and didnt even pick it up. Anyways today I have a block day so no second, fourth, or sixth period. Well right now, people are studying like idiots for the math test. Nerds with no life >.> I should go join them.

12:01 Lunch time! I failed that math test. Well part one. D: oh well move on with life. I’m skipping MedClub today cause I’m too lazy to go, but then I feel bad DDD: My heart is in a conflict….jk I’ve skipped so many already, but I still feel bad. Oh! I just remembered. Today this guy asked this girl to prom, and he made a path of scattered rose petals. It was so cute πŸ˜€ but he guy’s a senior and he’s gonna leave. But the girl’s a sophomore and I doubt they’re gonna have a long distance relationship. But the guy prolly used so much money. I feel kinda sorry for him. ): well at least she didn’t say no. Anyway I need to go buy lunch.

1:15 I’m in fifth period right now, and I shouldn’t be typing this, but my fifth period teacher is so boring. We just finished a science lab and I have nothing to do anyway. Argh this guy in class keeps doing this high pitched whistle and it’s so annoying. -___- I’m gonna throw something at him soon. Man fifth is like a free period; my teacher doesn’t even care what we do. The next to me is sleeping and I can hear high pitched giggling from across the room. Well my teacher’s actually going to teach now.

3:02 Back from school πŸ˜€ and I just ate a snack. Well I’m prolly gonna sleep or watch a movie or maybe….AVATAR!! πŸ˜€ so see ya~

June 1, 2010


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I have been watching movies like a total idiot this past month (and as some would say, “like a movie whore”).

After AP tests I had like nothing to do, so I decided to kill some time. I started with a bunch of chickflicks (specifically Amanda Bynes’s movies) and then I think I covered like another 15 or so movies, which means 25 hours of my life are gone. I really like Amanda Bynes’s movies, and I thought The Proposal and He’s Just Not That Into You, to name a few, were cute.

So then I moved on to my X-men obsession, which involved watching the Evolution TV series (which, by the way, is really good) and all four movies (I’m currently awaiting more). My favorite character is Kurt from the TV series πŸ˜€

So this past weekend I decided to rewatch Peter Pan, and now I’m in love with that movie. So much that I decided to watch the Disney sequel and the 2003 live action one (which was also amazing). And so now I need to watch Hook and read the book (…that rhymed).

Also I was watching nicktoons and they had an Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon, and my brother and I sat in a room watching Avatar for like 6-7 hours. Bliss. I love Avatar too. It’s one of the best shows out there, even though it ended. Now I really wanna rewatch the whole series. They’re making a live action one, which I really wanna see because I am a fan. But I was researching, and I am utterly disappointed. The casting and stuff is just….. Dev Patel is lovely, you know? As Slumdog Millionaire, but as ZUKO????? Wtf… -____- and Iroh, who is one of my favorite characters, looks really creepy >.> I think the only person who looks like himself is Aang cuz the actor’s bald. And maybe Sokka. Still can’t wait though. Cuz it’s Avatar, duh.

In conclusion, X-men, Peter Pan, and Avatar <3<3<3<3

May 30, 2010


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Well my dad got tickets (reservations so he calls them), so I think we’re going. But I’m not sure cuz he got like suite B-something. Do concert stadiums even have suites? And then I also need to get all A’s..which hopefully I will……hopefully….But on a sadder note, I’m going on Saturday, so I’m prolly not going with my friend D:

On a side note, I’ve been hiding in the medicine closet for like 20 minutes to avoid doing any Chinese homework/lessons >.> It was really hot and cramped…and my foot hurt. My mom finally forgot and went to do her work, so I’m free..for now…

On another side note, my friend invited me to another friend’s BBQ for memorial day. And guess what my mom’s answer was? (if you know my parents, then you can pretty much guess the answer was) No. Or more like I’ll “think” about I HAVE NO LIFE. Kinda. My mom believes in one social outing per month. PER MONTH. That really limits my options. I’M IN HIGH SCHOOL FOR GOD’S SAKE. I SHOULD BE ENJOYING LIFE. “Study” she says.. for what? Finals are a month away, so we haven’t even covered all the topics on what’s gonna be on the test. AHHHHHH there’s really only so much I can study for.Β I have no homework this weekend.Β This THREE-DAY weekend. I took a practice SAT II test. I’m set and ready to go have fun. TT___________TT

And she said I can’t go to Sweet 16’s cuz “it’s bad that children use their parents’ money to hold such a big party.” Well I’m sure their parents are fine with it. Seeing how it’s taking place. And I’m pretty sure their parents want to. Seeing as how their parents put time and effort into making powerpoints and speeches. And I’m not using my parents’ money. I buy the gift. I attend them.

And now I have to go because I’m not studying for finals…WOW

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