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September 11, 2010

This’ll probably be a long post

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Cuz I haven’t posted in a long time.

School started again, but I told myself I’d be a good student. So I’ve been doing my homework before actually doing anything else. I pretty much just check my mail and fb like once a day each. I love that venn diagram about sleep, grades, and a social life. I’m actually finishing my hw early and sleeping early, but I haven’t talked to anyone (except at school). My social life is slipping. But if I stay up late to do hw and talk to people, there goes my sleep. You seriously cannot keep all three up. It’s so hard. But I’m sick and tired (literally) of being sleepy at school. Like on Thursday night, I got 9 hours of sleep :O and when I was in 6th period on Friday, I was so freaking awake and I just took in every single word my teacher said. I didn’t even feel sleepy.

So school’s been okay. I feel like after going through two years of high school, I’m bored. I mean like some classes are interesting, but there’re no interesting people. You know what I mean? Like I like to talk to my friends, but there’s like no new…interesting-ness…… I don’t know how to put this but yeah. It’s gets kinda boring. Speaking of boring, my AP psych teacher is really boring. And psych is an interesting subject, so to be boring teaching that takes a lot of boring-osity. And my spanish teacher is crazy. Literally, crazy. Seriously, I’d heard rumors about him, but I was like he can’t be that bad. Oh but he is. He go like “Vamos a estudiar. Vamos a estudiar. Vamos a ___” And everyone has to fill in the blank, like say it together. Or he’ll go like “Escuchan al ma-” and we have to say “estro” or he’ll make us repeat the whole sentence. And one he asked this girl to tell him about her family. And then he tested this other student about the girl’s family. Like w.t.f.????

Also I finally got a gym membership 😀 So now that bet with my dad is on. I have to win this one. No freaking way am I gonna do two months of dishes. No. Freaking. Way.

And my mom is being insanely annoying. Seriously. She’s being freaking unfair. Like I don’t wanna take piano anymore cuz I seriously hate it now and I suck and it doesn’t count for anything on my college app, but I still want to take art. But she got so pissed, and she was like You have to take piano so at least you know how to play. And I was like I freaking do know how to play. And she was like If you don’t take piano, you’re not going to go to any birthday parties and stuff. I’m so tired of her being such a b*tch and I was like NO I’M NOT TAKING PIANO. And she was like Fine, you’re not going to any parties. And I was like Even my own? And she was like Yeah, even your own. Like WOW what a.

And then you know what she freaking said? YOU KNOW WHAT SHE FREAKING SAID? She told my dad to cancel the Muse concert. I was like OMFG NO YOU DID NOT SAY THAT. So I waited till she left, and I talked to my dad, and THANK THE HEAVENS that he was cool enough to not cancel it. LIKE WOW THANK YOU. God I’m so glad at least my dad’s not unfair. He was like It’s up to you what you want to take so if you don’t want to do piano, go ahead. What sucks is that my dad’s on a business trip, so I don’t have him here to help me deal with my mom now. God. I actually cannot wait till college.

But I think I’m seriously gonna become a party freak. My parents were like (before that argument) study hard now and once you go to college you can do whatever. …………Wow way to encourage me to just go crazy in college. Thanks.

And freak, Raincean’s birthday is so soon but we haven’t even started her gift. And our idea is still pretty vague, so I feel really bad. It’s gonna be so hard to make her gift, especially cuz there’s no way I can meet up any time soon. Especially since my dad’s gone.

But truthfully, I love Raincean and Alien but I’m glad they’re not having birthday parties. Cuz there’s no freaking way I could go. Then I’d feel really really bad for not going, and it’d be a repeat of what happened with Zane. And that just sucked. Seriously.

Wow so much negative energy. I just wanna disappear for a couple of days. Just go somewhere where I won’t have to have a care in the world.

That’d be great.

This was a long post.


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