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August 29, 2010

Going back soon

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And the start of school comes with so many troubles.

Like waking up at freaking 6:20 every single effing day and dragging yourself out of bed and then questioning yourself about why you subject yourself to this torture everyday and whether education is really worth it.

Then dragging yourself to your closet and realizing you have nothing you want to wear and wondering if going to school in pajamas would really be that bad.

Then checking your backpack and suddenly having a panic attack because you can’t find your homework only to realize it’s crushed at the bottom of your backpack. And even after that, you’re haunted with the feeling that you forgot something.

Then going to eat breakfast when you really should be sleeping.

Then going to school and falling asleep in the car the moment you arrive. Cursing yourself for your semi-insomnia afterward.

Then arriving at school realizing you have a test that you didn’t really study for. And seeing people you really don’t want to see. And not seeing people you want to see.

But other than, I can’t wait for school! 8DDD






You didn’t actually believe did you?

Oh sweet summer, how I will miss your radiance that could warm even the coldest soul.

How I will miss the long days of lazing around in your caring presence.

How I will miss sleeping surrounded by sweet dreams and your soft morning rays.

………….Wow I’m already on my way to being a poet v.v

Jk that was sad

Well summer vacation, see you next year. Toodles~


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  1. Dude LOL we still have 4 days. Don’t make me feel like it’s over :p

    Comment by nfirebolt1 — August 29, 2010 @ 11:13 am

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