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July 21, 2010


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Oh my holy crap Avatar. I’m reading fanficton like a crazed maniac now. I’m interrupting my streak to type this. I’ve been kinda out of it now. I haven’t really conducted thorough conversations with anyone recently. I think this happens whenever I get like an addiction to something. I just zone out of reality and not really talk to anyone. Kinda like a screw-my-social-life-[insert obsession here]-is-more-important attitude. Not very good, I know.

I’m getting really stressed about this weekend. Cuz I really wanna go to the District with my friends, but that means using money. And I need to buy a bday present, which means using more money. And I want a dress, which mean more money. And I’m not exactly rolling in green right now.

And oh my holy shiatsu (<- much thanks to Senorita CDN) I freaking love Avatar fanfic EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~ This is my first time reading fanfic actually. It’s kinda like manga, I guess, but with text.

But seriously some of them are amazing. I’m trying to think which pairings I support right now. I guess KataraxZuko? But personally I want Zuko for myself -COUGH- Anyways, um… I kinda like AangxToph and SokkaxSuki. I guess I think almost anyone of them could go together (Suki only works with Sokka though). Oh! Except for TophxZuko. That’s just weird. They had like two intimate moments in the whole show. No way.

What I love though, are pairing names. Like Zutara? That sounds like a Pokemon. And Toko could be pronounced like taco. Well Tokka sounds okay-ish I guess? I talka lot. My favorite by far is Kataang. Seriously? Kataang. That’s the sound of spit hitting the inside of a ceramic vase.

Farmer: -spits- Kataang~ Aww yeeeaaa nahce soun’ o’ a goood ol’ speeiiit

Although why a farmer would have a ceramic vase, I know not.

Anyways, time is Avatar fanfiction, so bye!


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