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July 19, 2010


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I don’t really have a main focus today. Just random things.

First that my friend also thinks Zuko’s hot. 😀 Which makes me happy because at least I’m not the only one. ❤ Zuko~ And about Avatar, I’ve been reading fanfic. Gah I’m so addicted. It’s like my guilty pleasure. Cuz I hate to say it, but fanfic is kinda nerdy, as good as it is.

And speaking of that friend, I’ve been influenced by her to say frack and shiatsu. I don’t even know when it began. One day I woke up and those words came to me, for better or for worse. v.v

You know, I really hope no one finds this. Cuz it’s not like the name isn’t too obvious if you knew it were mine. And I b*tch about people on here a lot. And I do feel bad about it. Because those people are supposed to be my friends. So I guess I’m a coward for saying it behind their backs? But it’s not like I’m gonna go up to them and talk shiatsu right in their faces.

Speaking of b*tching, this one club I joined is starting to get really annoying. I’ve never been in a club that’s forced you to go to their meetings…like really? I don’t even need hours from them. I’m thinking of just ditching all their meetings until they begin to not expect me. >.> Seriously I’d have just disappeared completely a long time ago if my friends weren’t in that club. Heck I wouldn’t even have joined if my friends weren’t in that club.

Anyways, my Friday plans were just destroyed. D: Apparently the karaoke place opens really late -___- so I can’t go. I really wanted to karaoke. Maybe some other time. Until then I have my wii karaoke game to keep me company.

And on an emo-er note, I haven’t seen some of my close friends for some time now. Well fine it was like a couple of weeks ago. But I’m amazed we’re still friends. After two years of not going to the same school, cuz school is one of the strongest bonding points of most friendships. But will this last until college? And what if we don’t go to the same college? How do you meet up and keep in touch with people who might be across the country from you? Then what happens to friends you’ve had since elementary school? So I guess I can only hope those years of friendship can last another 4 years of college and maybe another 4 of med school. Cuz I would like to see them after I graduate. I want us to be like the friends in movies that constantly meet up and have lunch together and talk about life and everything. As cheesy as that sounds, it’d be nice if that really did happen.



  1. you are the queen of cheese. ❤

    Comment by AC — July 21, 2010 @ 7:27 pm

  2. Thanks dude thanks v.v
    Btw, I edited my name out. Just in case >.>

    Comment by sensays — July 21, 2010 @ 9:32 pm

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