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July 12, 2010

I’m terrified

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Jk, that’s the just the song I’m listening to right now. Terrified- Katharine McPhee; give it a listen~

Anyways, long time no see. Like seriously. I think it’s been a month since my last post. So let me update you on my life, because you really care.

So summer’s been a butt. I have health in the morning and Elite in the afternoon, so I’m out studying from 10-6. Fun. Cuz there’s no better way to spend a day than learning about puberty in the morning and SAT words in the afternoon. And the cherry on top of my day is the usually more than one hour walk from my school to the Elite place. One hour in the sweltering (which was a SAT word in our list) hot sun. Which reminds me, we had a guest speaker about skin cancer in health…..I think I’m gonna die of melanoma, or something along those lines. But at least I get exercise 😀 and pretty good food.

Elite is a draconian institute. I got a detention because I didn’t bubble in my ID number. Cruel, right? Very cruel. I had to stay one hour afterwards. At least I had In-n-Out fries to keep me company. I could hear the guy next to me’s stomach rumbling while I munched away. I also heard the occasional muttering of “I hate you.” I sat there, ate, and laughed to myself.


Jk. I’m not that mean. I offered him some fries, but he declined.

Speaking of Elite related things, they give a lot of homework. D: I stay up until like 1 doing homework.

But that’s only because I really only start at like 11:30 since I waste all my time before that.

Which leads me to irresponsibility, of which I have a lot. A freaking lot. I haven’t even touched my summer reading or bio homework. DDDDDDD: Three novels, five bio chapters, five outlines, and a whole crapload of questions. Oh my effing god, save me.

…………………I think I suffer from chronic guilt disorder since I procrastinate so much. All that pent up guilt can only be released by doing my work, which I really don’t wanna do. So I distract myself by typing this post. >___>

Adding to my frustrations would be my lack of a decent social life. Having explored the many possible causes of this, I have come to one conclusion: my parents. But you probably expected that. Heck, you were probably wondering when this rant would appear. But yeah, my parents.

My mom: You can only go hang out with your friends once a month. —-That’s right folks, once a month. And that includes: birthday parties, luncheons, casual hang outs, play dates, and any other form of a meeting. And that’s why I meet with my friends when my mom doesn’t know it. And parents wonder why their kids disobey them.

My dad: You can hang out with only certain people that I like. Oh and by the way, I’m not driving you there. —-And since I can’t drive, how’m I supposed to get there? Walk like 10 miles (or however much) to the Spectrum?? It’ll be nightfall by the time I get there. -___- And certain people that he approves of. How biased.

And this especially sucks because I want to ask them to let me go to a birthday party soon. And it’s a bonfire, which means there’s a possibility that thugs, rapists, and terrorists might be lurking at the beach near the party. Because they really have nothing better to do than to attack a group of kids at like 7-ish at night. When the sun’s still up. With people around. And a guy that’s a black belt. Yeah

Eh well I have to go back to researching now. Guess what I’m researching? 😀 Healthy snacks for health class. I’m stuck between:

1) crackers with peanut butter and banana slices on top

2) crackers with pb&j

3) crackers with jam and grapes

4) pb&j sandwich

5) a mix of popcorn, chocolate chips, and peanuts

Which one sounds best?


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