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June 9, 2010

Aww yeah~

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Yesterday we (my friends and I) made a scrapbook for our friend, Zane, who is 16 now (and whose birthday I can’t go to, but that complaint was on another post). It was so fun- choosing and printing out pics, and scrapbooking and stuff. 😀 It’s really fun to write comments for every picture, cuz that’s what makes it heartfelt. ❤ Anyway I told my friends to take pictures of her reaction (since I can’t be there D:).

But that reminds me; I still need to go buy her a gift. I already know what I wanna get…but I need to go buy it. But what if Target’s out of stock <:O………that would be bad….I guess I should check….-_________- (btw it’s a DS game…not surprising)

The good news of the day is that I got onto the board of the Make-A-Wish Club at my school~ Yay! (I’m an activities coordinator) ButeventhoughIdon’treallydomuchit’sastarttoabettercollegetranscript….>.>…..:D

And the bad news is I got a 79 on my math test…after receiving a math excellence award….which is not only ironic, but also THE GUILT IS KILLING ME. I’M LETTING MY TEACHER DOWN -SOBS-

Excuse me a moment while I regain my composure…..

Ok I’m better. Anyway that sobbing reminds of Saving Private Ryan, which we’re watching in history class. Sobbing is what I was doing during that movie. I think the beginning where all those soldiers die is so sad, especially the mom who lost three sons. (Yeah I’m a softie…..>.>..I tear up easily, especially during movies…but don’t tell anyone cuz I try to give an image of machoness…..jk…you didn’t actually believe that, did you?)

Anyway, I would spoil the whole movie for myself by wiki-ing it (I kinda already have since I know they don’t find him) but I think this time I won’t. 😀 I’m so proud.



Which is really good (I think) and should be watched. Although certain people I know will disagree because they think they’re voices are autotuned (even though that’s true). But I don’t think all their voices are autotuned, and I think the plot’s kinda interesting.

I realized I’ve gone through weekly phases.

From chick-flicks…

to X-men…

to Peter Pan…

to Avatar: the Last Airbender…

to Glee…

Who knows what next week has in store for me? (especially since I have to wait until SEPTEMBER for the next Glee season)

Defying Gravity is a really good song…just saying..and so is Total Eclipse of the Heart…especially when they’re sung by Glee members…



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