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June 6, 2010

Liek mah nu theem?

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cuz i think its reallyy kewl. dis iz a wierd way 2 talk

……Chatspeak… anyway, I like my new theme~ it’s a lot brighter and happier 😀 and bananas are yummy~

I’m here typing this blog to avoid doing Spanish homework. We have to write definitions of words in Spanish D: Like it’s not hard enough trying to think of a definition of a word in English..



This section has been removed due to its offensive nature.

Jk. It wasn’t too terribly offensive…kinda… well it was my rant, but now I feel kinda bad so I’ve removed it.


Sorry, I had to rant. -______-

I was reading my friend’s blog and she was ranting too, but she mentioned like what if this person finds this blog. Like my blog name isn’t overly obvious to who I am, but still. What if she sees this and finds out and like…actually I don’t think I would really care too much. But it’s not really good to be hated by anyone openly. I guess that makes me a wimpy biatch, since I rant behind people’s backs and not to their face…. but whatever, that’s who I am I guess and I’m pretty okay with that.

🙂 I feel better


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