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June 5, 2010

4 day weekend, baby!

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Due to furlough days, I get a four day weekend 😀 I know I shouldn’t be happy since the two extra days come at the expense of my teachers….but I am >.>

So yesterday I spent the day watching Glee 😀 which is really good. I hope I can finish the season by the end of this mini-break.

But the best part is, on Monday and Tuesday, my parents won’t be home! Yay! Which means I’m inviting people over! Yay again! Now you may think that I say this meaning I’m gonna hold a wildly alcoholic school party or something. Heck yeah!!

Jk, no. My parents are just insanely strict and judgemental, so I hate inviting people over when they’re home. So this coming Tuesday I’m inviting my friends over to make a scrapbook for someone else’s birthday. 😀

And then next Monday I get to invite more people over and we’re gonna have a movie day~ (and hopefully all this will pass without my mom ever finding out >.>)

What a bad kid I am D:

Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. And I am not living my high school life as an anti-social hermit who never has playdates, or fun for that matter. ):<

Well, later~


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