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June 2, 2010

My day

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I’m prolly gonna start writing more, since in the morning I have nothing to do while waiting and I can’t turn on my computer.

You know, I noticed I write “prolly” all the time, in place of probably, if you didn’t already figure it out. And it sounds like Polly, which I kinda find weird.

Recently my brother’s been listening to and singing this weird semi- wannabe rock song. I’m proud of him for finally getting a music taste, even if it’s pretty bad.

Well since I’m typing from my iPod, I’ll do like a walkthrough of my day.

6:57 I’m on my way to school. This early in the morning D: I should be sleeping. I bet you’re asleep. I carpool to school with a friend, so I can proudly say: I’m eco-friendly πŸ˜€

9:14 My school has office hours, which is basically a homework lab. First period today was so boring. People just presented powerpoints for an hour and thirty minutes -_____- I almost fell asleep. And the guy behind me is kinda annoying. He knocked a paper out of my hand as a “joke” and didnt even pick it up. Anyways today I have a block day so no second, fourth, or sixth period. Well right now, people are studying like idiots for the math test. Nerds with no life >.> I should go join them.

12:01 Lunch time! I failed that math test. Well part one. D: oh well move on with life. I’m skipping MedClub today cause I’m too lazy to go, but then I feel bad DDD: My heart is in a conflict….jk I’ve skipped so many already, but I still feel bad. Oh! I just remembered. Today this guy asked this girl to prom, and he made a path of scattered rose petals. It was so cute πŸ˜€ but he guy’s a senior and he’s gonna leave. But the girl’s a sophomore and I doubt they’re gonna have a long distance relationship. But the guy prolly used so much money. I feel kinda sorry for him. ): well at least she didn’t say no. Anyway I need to go buy lunch.

1:15 I’m in fifth period right now, and I shouldn’t be typing this, but my fifth period teacher is so boring. We just finished a science lab and I have nothing to do anyway. Argh this guy in class keeps doing this high pitched whistle and it’s so annoying. -___- I’m gonna throw something at him soon. Man fifth is like a free period; my teacher doesn’t even care what we do. The next to me is sleeping and I can hear high pitched giggling from across the room. Well my teacher’s actually going to teach now.

3:02 Back from school πŸ˜€ and I just ate a snack. Well I’m prolly gonna sleep or watch a movie or maybe….AVATAR!! πŸ˜€ so see ya~



  1. Your life is exciting.

    Comment by nfirebolt1 — June 3, 2010 @ 9:12 pm

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