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May 30, 2010


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Well my dad got tickets (reservations so he calls them), so I think we’re going. But I’m not sure cuz he got like suite B-something. Do concert stadiums even have suites? And then I also need to get all A’s..which hopefully I will……hopefully….But on a sadder note, I’m going on Saturday, so I’m prolly not going with my friend D:

On a side note, I’ve been hiding in the medicine closet for like 20 minutes to avoid doing any Chinese homework/lessons >.> It was really hot and cramped…and my foot hurt. My mom finally forgot and went to do her work, so I’m free..for now…

On another side note, my friend invited me to another friend’s BBQ for memorial day. And guess what my mom’s answer was? (if you know my parents, then you can pretty much guess the answer was) No. Or more like I’ll “think” about I HAVE NO LIFE. Kinda. My mom believes in one social outing per month. PER MONTH. That really limits my options. I’M IN HIGH SCHOOL FOR GOD’S SAKE. I SHOULD BE ENJOYING LIFE. “Study” she says.. for what? Finals are a month away, so we haven’t even covered all the topics on what’s gonna be on the test. AHHHHHH there’s really only so much I can study for. I have no homework this weekend. This THREE-DAY weekend. I took a practice SAT II test. I’m set and ready to go have fun. TT___________TT

And she said I can’t go to Sweet 16’s cuz “it’s bad that children use their parents’ money to hold such a big party.” Well I’m sure their parents are fine with it. Seeing how it’s taking place. And I’m pretty sure their parents want to. Seeing as how their parents put time and effort into making powerpoints and speeches. And I’m not using my parents’ money. I buy the gift. I attend them.

And now I have to go because I’m not studying for finals…WOW


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