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January 11, 2010

College Admissions

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Wow what a boring topic. Yeah I know. But I just my PLAN scores back (practice ACT), and I actually did well. 😀 After getting the scores, this dude from Princeton Review spoke about college admissions and scores and etc.

He pointed out a few funny things actually. Like people who score well love to ask “What’d you get?” so they can tell their good score to the other person. It’s really funny when that plan backfires and the other person actually got higher.

Anyways, he was talking about how if a kid with 1550 SAT score, 3.0 GPA, did “stuff” as his/her extracurricular activities, he/she would make it into 2600/2800 colleges in America.

The problem however is that most people want to go to the 200 colleges that above-mentioned student didn’t make it into.

So college- easy. Good college- not so easy.

He was also talking about how academics isn’t the only thing that matters. Yeah I know, but it matters. So that’s why I’ve decided to do more community service.

He used Asians as a stereotype as smart, imbalanced, play piano/violin, etc. (I’m Asian.) I think what he said was true though. So basically that would mean that if you went to an interview (and you were Asian) and you told the guy you played violin and had a 4.0, you’d probably be telling exactly what he already guessed. But if you told him you played trombone, loved to bungee jump, and had a 3.8 (OMG what a low number :O ….sarcasm), he’s probably be surprised. Therefore, I will take a photography to add “spice” to my transcript. Wow that sounded weird. But’s better than life-threatening.

The speaker said that apparently Stanford’s college admissions essay was “What two books would you bring on a deserted island?” He told us that this one woman once said “How to get off a deserted island” and I think that’s a very creative answer. So if you can pull that off in your essay, I envy you. Also, he said that some of the top books were the Bible (not so surprising) and the dictionary (wow get a life). My friend said that she’d bring the fattest book in the world to burn for fuel.

And after that really bad lecture that probably taught you nothing and left you with a what’s-wrong-you impression, I conclude my speech.


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