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January 10, 2010

The Weather

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The most basic conversation topic of all time. “So..the weather’s/it’s (insert random word here).”

This is a great way to get the party going. Like what I did once at a friend’s birthday party.

Me:’s pretty sunny…

Friend: You suck at starting conversations.

Others: -laugh- Yeah

But what they actually don’t realize is that I actually started a conversation. All thanks to my master conversation starting skills. Muahahaha

Anyways the weather in California (where I live), southern CA, more exactly, is amazing. It’s hot one day, then cold, then cloudy and warm, then cloudy and cold, then hot again. I exaggerate, of course, but not really. I arrive at school at like 7:15, more or less. And here’s my thoughts about the weather:

Scenario A: I am wearing jeans and a warm jacket (and possibly boots). Wintery clothing

7:15 (arrival)- Ahh I feels so warm :3 I’m glad I prepared so well

10:15 (break)- It’s getting warmer. It’s kinda warm without my jacket, but it’s still too cold to take it off

1:00 (Lunch) ..I know! Lunch at 1:00 D: It’s terrible- God it’s hot now. I better take my jacket off. Why did I wear jeans (and possibly boots) again? Why? Oh that’s right, cuz it was cold in the morning. My butt feels really warm right now D:

2:30 (end of school, walking to the car)- Ah DDDD: my legs are burning…must make it to car…

Scenario B: I am wearing a T-shirt, light jacket, and shorts/capris. More summery

7:15- Ohh m-my God. I am f-freezing my l-legs off. I can’t wait t-till I g-get into c-class. W-why’d I w-wear this again?

10:15- Thank God it’s warmer, but’s still cold D: -shiver-

1:00- Ahh warmth..WARMTH 😀 Good thing I wore this today. The pain I had to go through this morning

2:30- Wow it’s nice and warm (not really) at least it’s better than jeans.

And so you see, it’s not easy to go to school in something that will feel perfect the whole day…actually I’d say it’s near impossible.. -__-


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