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January 7, 2010


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Life is fleeting. It escapes before you can really grasp the reality.

Teachers are beginning to mention ..dun dun dun.. finals. It feels like yesterday that I was sobbing over the end of summer break.

Oh youth, where have you gone~ (apostrophe! :O literary device) Teachers give so much homework. I think there should be a limit. >.> Not really.. I’m just irresponsible so it takes a long time.

I spend way too much time video chatting with my friend. My homework isn’t going to do itself. I think it’s sad how I realize this yet take no action whatsoever to change anything. D:

My love for Muse is growing. I’m catching Museobsessionitis from my friend. I haven’t listened to anything on my iPod except Muse. Matthew Bellamy’s voice is unbelievable. It’s very soothing and lovely. Like in Undisclosed Desires and the “losing control” in Assassin 😀


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