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January 2, 2010

Post-New Year’s

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Wow I totally forgot I had a blog. Yeah took me a few hours after I wrote that first post to forget. Then I saw an email that mentioned this blog, and it came to me “Omg I have a blog! :O”

I’m bored so here I am. First things first. Happy belated new year. I hope you made resolutions like good people. Cuz I sure did. To be a good responsible person. I failed it after made it. I didn’t do any work yesterday.. at all. We had a mini family party and then we watched Avatar. No homework or anything at all. I haven’t touched my piano in two weeks. (But I did play today)

Anyways, Avatar. Oh yeah 😀 Great movie. I loved it, you may not have but 😛 Some parts were over dramatic, but it was deep. Very deep and touching. I cried. When they reunited as human and alien with the “I see you” the tears came out. So beautiful. Insanely cheesy. But an alien and human loving each other so dearly 😥 How can you not cry? I think the message was great.

Time for some new year’s preaching. Humans are so greedy. That guy who wanted that mineral under their tree. And that scar guy OMG did I hate him. That attitude D:< I wanted to punch him. But I couldn’t cuz he’d have beaten me up before I could’ve touched him (and he’s a movie character >.>) But how can you not hate people like that?? Which led me to want to make another resolution: to not be greedy and to be good to the earth (That quote: “They killed their mother” OMG so beautiful, so deep. YES we humans have killed our mother earth D:) Anyways I wanted to. But I uh..didn’t cuz I knew I’d just break it anyways DDDDDD: I’M A HORRIBLE PERSON!!! The guilt is killing me.. it’s eating away at my inner soul D: I’m mentally dying. D’:

Uh yeah I still have a book to read. So much for responsible. The House of Mirth. It’s long. I have a day and a half left. I’m screwed. And piano. Oh god piano. That test. I’m really mentally dying.

I don’t wanna go back to school. Sometimes I wish I were a hermit. But then when I think about how I wouldn’t be able to watch TV or movies or use a computer or my iPod, I’m glad I’m not a hermit. >.> I’m so materialistic, it’s sad. I disappoint myself. I’m sure I disappoint you too. I’m probably disappoint most of the population out there.

Wow I wrote a lot. I didn’t know I needed to vent this much. Anyway to highlight:

1) New Year’s Resolutions. Make one. You probably won’t follow it, but hey, at least you made one. 😀

2) Avatar :D:D:D:D Watch it. It has a great message.

3) I’m a very irresponsible person who needs to work harder. D:

Anyways if you read through all that, I commend you. You must be bored, like so bored you had to resort to reading this blog. Wow get a life.


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