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December 31, 2009

Winter break continues

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I watched two movies today: Mean Girls and Legally Blonde. They were both funny, but I think everything’s funny so >.> I think Mean Girls was a nice depiction of most high school (but I wouldn’t know). I like Emmett from Legally Blonde. šŸ˜€

I was on Omegle, which is insanely fun. I talked to this dude from England. I don’t think he was lying though…he said “grand.” No one says grand, in speech or in chats.. He likes Muse so he showed me this video where they switched places in Mime. My respect for Muse has soared.

My friend is obsessed with Muse. She has a sweatshirt with “MUSE” on it. And she plays the guitar of their songs and sings along all day. It’s funny to watch. Her mom walked in on her head-banging. She started screaming for her to get out. We were video chatting. I laughed really hard.

I went shopping at the Spectrum yesterday. I bought my mom a dress on sale. Final sale. It looked a bit large but I really wanted to get it. I showed it to my mom. She thinks dresses are too cold. She hasn’t tried it on yet. It’s on final sale, have I mentioned that? For those of you who don’t know what final sale is, it’s when you can’t return something. I haven’t told her it’s on final sale. I think she’s gonna kill me. But I’ll probably make my dad tell her that…when I’m far away out of her arm’s reach.

I feel guilty about how I haven’t touched my piano for the past two weeks. I keep telling myself I’ll get to it. Just like homework. Except I’m making more progress on that.

School in 4 days….WTF FOUR??? TT________________TT -falls to floor crying-

Anyways bye.


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