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November 17, 2010

When was the last time I wrote something?

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I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific on a fieldtrip~~ It was so fun! But the lab was boring. But Bubba gumps was really good. Lol my friend really knows how to pick food

And~ I’m going to the play tonight. A Murder Is Announced, which is by Agatha Christie. And I love her. So much :DDDDDD I think I’ve read like 16 books by her. 😀

I’m so excited!

And my birthday was like last weekend. And it was so fun. Well..I had fun >.> …………..:D
And my throat and ears kinda hurt afterward. I’m glad we went to Balcony Grill though. The food was pretty good and the lounge area was cool. I want more boba

Wow so much fun in one week~~
I’m way too happy. And I’m tired too.


AND THEY CUT SEMESTER BREAK TOO LIKE WTF??? I have to take all my finals and then go back to school on Friday. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridickydonkey

And then a Senxi post wouldn’t be complete without a rant. Duh

God like my carpool buddy is, no offense, getting really really annoying. Like we’re supposed to leave at like 6:50, 6:55 latest, or else we risk being late. Cuz the later you leave, the heavier traffic becomes. And she arrived at like 7:0 effing 2 DD:< And we ended up being like a few minutes late!! MY UNTARNISHED RECORD HAS BEEN TARNISHED
Jk I'm overreacting. But seriously, it's getting really annoying. Maybe you don't care if you arrive at school on the bell, but I like to arrive a couple minutes early just in case I need to go to my locker to talk to someone. I'm freaking carpooling with you, so at least be considerate and CONSIDER me. Seriously once you were like wow I wake up like 5, 10 minutes later than you. Well no shizz, I can tell. You like FREAKING PICK ME UP 5, 10 MINUTES LATE. GOD. And then you have to take a shower too. SO WAKE UP EARLIER.
And (no offense, seriously) she's not a very fun carpool buddy either. Like not all that fun to talk to 😦

Wow way too much negative energy directed to one person.

Sorry. It's just that your late streak and inconsiderate-ness is getting me.

Not that I'm not inconsiderate. I am. I can be a completely rude biatch sometimes. But at least I'm not a late, rude biatch.

I'm tired.



September 11, 2010

This’ll probably be a long post

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Cuz I haven’t posted in a long time.

School started again, but I told myself I’d be a good student. So I’ve been doing my homework before actually doing anything else. I pretty much just check my mail and fb like once a day each. I love that venn diagram about sleep, grades, and a social life. I’m actually finishing my hw early and sleeping early, but I haven’t talked to anyone (except at school). My social life is slipping. But if I stay up late to do hw and talk to people, there goes my sleep. You seriously cannot keep all three up. It’s so hard. But I’m sick and tired (literally) of being sleepy at school. Like on Thursday night, I got 9 hours of sleep :O and when I was in 6th period on Friday, I was so freaking awake and I just took in every single word my teacher said. I didn’t even feel sleepy.

So school’s been okay. I feel like after going through two years of high school, I’m bored. I mean like some classes are interesting, but there’re no interesting people. You know what I mean? Like I like to talk to my friends, but there’s like no new…interesting-ness…… I don’t know how to put this but yeah. It’s gets kinda boring. Speaking of boring, my AP psych teacher is really boring. And psych is an interesting subject, so to be boring teaching that takes a lot of boring-osity. And my spanish teacher is crazy. Literally, crazy. Seriously, I’d heard rumors about him, but I was like he can’t be that bad. Oh but he is. He go like “Vamos a estudiar. Vamos a estudiar. Vamos a ___” And everyone has to fill in the blank, like say it together. Or he’ll go like “Escuchan al ma-” and we have to say “estro” or he’ll make us repeat the whole sentence. And one he asked this girl to tell him about her family. And then he tested this other student about the girl’s family. Like w.t.f.????

Also I finally got a gym membership 😀 So now that bet with my dad is on. I have to win this one. No freaking way am I gonna do two months of dishes. No. Freaking. Way.

And my mom is being insanely annoying. Seriously. She’s being freaking unfair. Like I don’t wanna take piano anymore cuz I seriously hate it now and I suck and it doesn’t count for anything on my college app, but I still want to take art. But she got so pissed, and she was like You have to take piano so at least you know how to play. And I was like I freaking do know how to play. And she was like If you don’t take piano, you’re not going to go to any birthday parties and stuff. I’m so tired of her being such a b*tch and I was like NO I’M NOT TAKING PIANO. And she was like Fine, you’re not going to any parties. And I was like Even my own? And she was like Yeah, even your own. Like WOW what a.

And then you know what she freaking said? YOU KNOW WHAT SHE FREAKING SAID? She told my dad to cancel the Muse concert. I was like OMFG NO YOU DID NOT SAY THAT. So I waited till she left, and I talked to my dad, and THANK THE HEAVENS that he was cool enough to not cancel it. LIKE WOW THANK YOU. God I’m so glad at least my dad’s not unfair. He was like It’s up to you what you want to take so if you don’t want to do piano, go ahead. What sucks is that my dad’s on a business trip, so I don’t have him here to help me deal with my mom now. God. I actually cannot wait till college.

But I think I’m seriously gonna become a party freak. My parents were like (before that argument) study hard now and once you go to college you can do whatever. …………Wow way to encourage me to just go crazy in college. Thanks.

And freak, Raincean’s birthday is so soon but we haven’t even started her gift. And our idea is still pretty vague, so I feel really bad. It’s gonna be so hard to make her gift, especially cuz there’s no way I can meet up any time soon. Especially since my dad’s gone.

But truthfully, I love Raincean and Alien but I’m glad they’re not having birthday parties. Cuz there’s no freaking way I could go. Then I’d feel really really bad for not going, and it’d be a repeat of what happened with Zane. And that just sucked. Seriously.

Wow so much negative energy. I just wanna disappear for a couple of days. Just go somewhere where I won’t have to have a care in the world.

That’d be great.

This was a long post.

August 29, 2010

Going back soon

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And the start of school comes with so many troubles.

Like waking up at freaking 6:20 every single effing day and dragging yourself out of bed and then questioning yourself about why you subject yourself to this torture everyday and whether education is really worth it.

Then dragging yourself to your closet and realizing you have nothing you want to wear and wondering if going to school in pajamas would really be that bad.

Then checking your backpack and suddenly having a panic attack because you can’t find your homework only to realize it’s crushed at the bottom of your backpack. And even after that, you’re haunted with the feeling that you forgot something.

Then going to eat breakfast when you really should be sleeping.

Then going to school and falling asleep in the car the moment you arrive. Cursing yourself for your semi-insomnia afterward.

Then arriving at school realizing you have a test that you didn’t really study for. And seeing people you really don’t want to see. And not seeing people you want to see.

But other than, I can’t wait for school! 8DDD






You didn’t actually believe did you?

Oh sweet summer, how I will miss your radiance that could warm even the coldest soul.

How I will miss the long days of lazing around in your caring presence.

How I will miss sleeping surrounded by sweet dreams and your soft morning rays.

………….Wow I’m already on my way to being a poet v.v

Jk that was sad

Well summer vacation, see you next year. Toodles~

August 27, 2010

Wow I sound bad

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I just reread my previous post and I sound like a whiny biatch.

Oh wait, that’s because I am.

Okay enough of that self depressing talk




Lip syncing is fun.

Music is good.

Homework is bad.

School is interesting (for the first day).

Vacations are great.

Blogging takes time.

Time can be used for homework.

Homework assigned by school.

That I should be doing.


August 26, 2010


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I feel so bad but at the same time not really. So I wanted to invite people over today so I asked my dad, but he got really really pissed. So I got really mad at him, and I asked my mom if I could go to other people’s houses. She said yes, but I didn’t exactly tell her the truth when I asked. So I’m afraid that she’s gonna talk to my dad, and he’s gonna find out and be like super angry. -______-

And what’ll that lead to? Me sneaking out and getting caught and being banned from having a social life? Then I’d have to sneak out more and then it’d just be a cycle.

It makes me sad to know that as a teen, I’m becoming one of those bad ones.

But you know I have straight A’s, 2250-ish isn’t a bad SAT score, I’ve never been suspended, and my teachers like me, so what freaking more do you want from me so I can just go hang out more?? WHAT? Swimming in the junior olympics? Painting a masterpiece that sells for millions? Patenting a time machine? Discovering the cure to cancer? Seriously, what?

I’m a kid, and there are certain things you can do as a kid that you can’t do as an adult. And I’d like to do those. Such as hanging out with high school friends.

But I think some of my biggest fears are that I’m going to go crazy with partying and completely give up on school and become a homeless, pathetic slut. That I’m never going to amount to anything.

Or that I’m gonna try but I end up at IVC cuz no other college accepted me. Which means I didn’t try hard enough. And that really annoys me. And then I’m gonna have to find a low paying job and I’m gonna end up in a cubicle for the rest of my life. And I’ll just be wallowing in regret and misery for all my life.

I don’t know why, but I really can’t accept that life. Well I do know why actually. Cuz I was raised as a spoiled little b*tch. Really it wouldn’t seem like it but, I have a nice house, a computer, TV, iPod touch, speakers, a Wii, a pretty good cellphone, and soon I will have a car. Basically, I’m not poor. I go traveling a lot, at least a few times a year (usually by plane, so pretty far). When we travel, I always request nice hotels and usually I get them. Sometimes we order room service and what not. My dad’s a frequent flyer, so sometimes we get upgrades to business or first class. I’ve ridden in business like two times and economy plus once. I shop for clothes and shoes when I want to, to the point that I have way too many things in my closet, but still nothing to wear.

I should be satisfied with my life and in terms of materialistic things, I am. But what I’m missing is the social aspect of my life. Yeah I’m greedy, but so what? I’m an American teenager, what can you expect? I can’t help it.

On another note, I realized that being raised like this, I don’t think I can live if my life isn’t like this. I need a life that has lots of electronics, traveling, shopping, hanging out, and money. The only difference is when I grow up, I have to make that money myself. And I think that’s the only reason that really motivates me. And because I refuse to work in a cubicle all my life.


Yeah I just wrote out all my negative thoughts about myself. And why I think I’m a complete biatch.

Which leads me to realize that I whine too much.


August 25, 2010

Registration D:

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Which is basically “school has pretty much started” DDDDD: Excuse me while I go wallow in my self misery

Well registration was okay. I saw people I haven’t seen over the whole summer but ehhh…it wasn’t that great. I saw people who I would’ve been really excited to see last year buuuut not this year!! FRESH START BABY

And omfg AP books are so heavy. I swear by the end of this year, I will have macho arms from carrying them around. I might as well start learning to do push ups with AP books on my back. Who needs PE when you have AP?

I got my schedule. I think only then did I realize how bad this year is gonna be. I have to start my day with AP Calc 😦 But then again looking at my other options, there’s nothing that’s really a good day-starter. Maybe AP Psych? (yeah that’s right I have AP Psych >:D~) At least math’s not last. I always fall asleep if it’s last.

I know it’s pointless since we go to different schools, but oh well:





Eng Lang


There’s really no way to make this a good schedule…well maybe..





Eng Lang


Better -crosses fingers- X(

Please oh please get Buckner, please oh please. That’s all I ask. PLEASE -SOBS-

That’s my single teacher request. Seriously. I JUST WANT AN EASY YEAR IN ENGLISH!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???

Anyways, still praying. Bye~

August 23, 2010

It’s summer, but not really

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I’m in Boston right now and it’s raining….raining. In the middle of summer. I had to wear two jackets. For someone who grew up in CA, that’s pretty depressing.
I also just checked the CA weather and it’s insanely hot..-___- is there no balance?
Boston is insanely different. Everything here is either made of brick or stone. So it’s either gray, brown, or brick red. Beautiful.
And there are no Asians. Seriously, it’s like white town. It’s so different, but it’s not bad I guess. I remember my bro and I did a game of seeing how many Asians people we could find. Not many.
And there’re no taco restaurants here. There’s a lot of seafood and donut/bagel places though. Yum
Anyways, it’s pretty cool here. Kinda bleak and dreary to the point I swear it’s winter, but nice nonetheless.
P.S. Yay for clam chowder!

August 12, 2010

Summer’s ending!

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Wow I haven’t posted in a long time. I post in like cycles of heavy posting periods and then no periods at all….just like a menstrual cycle… what? I didn’t say that.

Anyways summer’s ending fast dude. Elite and summer school have sucked my days away. But they’re not that bad…and yeah it’s because I have fun people in my classes >.> (sorry dude).

So in like every post I have to rant about something, and this time it’s my summer homework D: School in like three weeks, and I have like something on almost every freaking day till then. -________- I’m failing and school hasn’t even started D:

On the bright side I got purty shoes 😀

And on the other bright side, I just got my friend her bday presents, which I think (really really hope) she’ll like 😀 I’d say what I got, but she reads this 😐

I think my Avatar addiction got worse. Like omfg Zuko ❤


Oh, and I’m going to Boston to visit Harvard since my dad knows a professor there. Maybe I can suck up to him and get a recommendation 😀 jk…

Omg Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men Club is soooooooooo funny. And so is Shane Dawson (?); I saw a link to a youtube vid of him on my friend’s blog and I was really good.

Anyways this has been like the weirdest summer ever. I’ve never taken so much summer school 😐 I don’t know what to think actually….

Well I feel unusually happy at 11:45 at night, so lots of love and bye~

July 22, 2010


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:O I’m typing this literally like 3 minutes after my nosebleed. Sad isn’t it? I find nosebleeds really weird.

Thought process:

My nose feels oddly runny. Oh well. Wait…it’s really runny… -wipes nose and looks at hand- ………….AHHH BLOOD -runs to kitchen for tissue- NOSEBLEED!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!

And then it’s over in a few minutes.. So what caused my nosebleed, you ask? Because you really care about why my nose is vomiting blood.

Well it could be that I’M FREAKING GOING TO DJ AND THE DISTRICT TOMORROW CON MIS AMIGAS~ my dad actually said yes 😀

Or it could be that I was simulating an epic Avatar battle with my brother. (Yes I am that obsessed now.) I was a firebender and my bro was an earthbender. 😀 And we were jumping around the house pretend-attacking each other. Although he did throw a pillow, pretending it was a piece of rock, at me. It’s good to be a kid

July 21, 2010


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Oh my holy crap Avatar. I’m reading fanficton like a crazed maniac now. I’m interrupting my streak to type this. I’ve been kinda out of it now. I haven’t really conducted thorough conversations with anyone recently. I think this happens whenever I get like an addiction to something. I just zone out of reality and not really talk to anyone. Kinda like a screw-my-social-life-[insert obsession here]-is-more-important attitude. Not very good, I know.

I’m getting really stressed about this weekend. Cuz I really wanna go to the District with my friends, but that means using money. And I need to buy a bday present, which means using more money. And I want a dress, which mean more money. And I’m not exactly rolling in green right now.

And oh my holy shiatsu (<- much thanks to Senorita CDN) I freaking love Avatar fanfic EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~ This is my first time reading fanfic actually. It’s kinda like manga, I guess, but with text.

But seriously some of them are amazing. I’m trying to think which pairings I support right now. I guess KataraxZuko? But personally I want Zuko for myself -COUGH- Anyways, um… I kinda like AangxToph and SokkaxSuki. I guess I think almost anyone of them could go together (Suki only works with Sokka though). Oh! Except for TophxZuko. That’s just weird. They had like two intimate moments in the whole show. No way.

What I love though, are pairing names. Like Zutara? That sounds like a Pokemon. And Toko could be pronounced like taco. Well Tokka sounds okay-ish I guess? I talka lot. My favorite by far is Kataang. Seriously? Kataang. That’s the sound of spit hitting the inside of a ceramic vase.

Farmer: -spits- Kataang~ Aww yeeeaaa nahce soun’ o’ a goood ol’ speeiiit

Although why a farmer would have a ceramic vase, I know not.

Anyways, time is Avatar fanfiction, so bye!

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